Maison D’Amour Brothel

You can forget many great experiences in life, but if there is one experience you will never forget it’s time you have the most fun. Maison D’Amour Brothel gives a new meaning to word business or pleasure. People travel from all over the world to visit this esteemed establishment.

Sex has always been considered a taboo subject even though there is nothing more natural than two people fulfilling each other’s basic natural needs.

Maison D’Amour Brothel lets you experience an amazing sexual experience with some of the most beautiful girls in the field. It offers one of the most popular sex services in Melbourne. The brothel offers a wide range of girls from 18 to 35 years old. You can make your wildest fantasies come true at Maison D’Amour Brothel.

Wide Selection of Girls From Different Countries

Where other legal brothels in Melbourne offer girls from few nationalities, Maison D’ Amour has girls from South America, India, Korea, Thailand, Australian and many other. It is without a doubt one of the best services in the city. You can find girls from 18 years old to 35 years old. However if you want someone more the brothel can arrange that for you.

Amazing Nude Massage

At Maison D’Amour, you can also enjoy high quality nude massage that is bound to make you feel good afterwards. All the girls are very professional which will give you an amazing sexual experience that you will never forget. The nude massage is part of Maison D’Amour’s full package.

Discreet Parking

For people who want to stay discreet can also have a great time without anyone knowing. There is front, back and discreet parking so people don’t have to worry about someone identifying their car when they are inside having fun.

Friendly, Clean and Discreet Environment

Maison D’Amour offers a friendly, clean and discreet environment. The discretion isn’t just limited to the parking. Every visitor is given their own discreet intro where the visitor can see all the girls and ask them questions. Maison D’Amour wants their clients to enjoy the experience with the girl they feel a connection with. Another thing that shows how Maison D’Amour cares for their client’s discretion is that if you pay through an ATM card, your bank statement will never indicate that you enjoyed a happy ending at the Maison D’Amour Brothel.

New Arrivals

One of the things about Maison D’Amour is that new girls are added to the roster every week. So if you are a regular client, you might get to have fun with a new girl every week.

No Booking Required

You don’t have to make any prior bookings or reservations to enjoy a service at Maison D’Amour however if you want to hire any specific girl then its better if you call first and ask about the availability.

The Best Prices

Maison D’Amour offers very competitive prices as compared to its competitors. Maison D’Amour Brother has more range of girls and offers more value for a relatively lower price.

So if you are looking for a good time while you are visiting Melbourne, don’t forget to check out Maison D’Amour. Visit for more information.

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